JDTJDJ are interested in the interface between the physical and the virtual. They explore the interaction between "soft" and "hard" instruments, using hardware hacked devices, simple electronic instruments, data networks and basic sensors to augment and inform their laptop improvisations. Their performances can take place in the same physical room or in two geographically distinct locations; making use of cutting-edge network technologies to create a virtual space spread over two sites.
JDTJDJ may use homemade software, circuit-bent toys,
feedback, built-in microphones, networks, light, hand-built
synthesisers, coat racks, webcams, shoddy DIY instruments,
water, masks, glass bowls, umbrellas, bicycles, contact mics
and servos during a performance. JDTJDJ will play at
weddings, BUT ... only if the money is right!